Temporary re-entry to homes on Northshore and Penrose will be available tomorrow Thursday June 27th from 9am-6pm. Residents can expect approximately 30 minutes to access their property.  There will be trailers set up on each end of Northshore-Please see included map for trailer locations. You will be issued an ID tag that will be used to check you in and out of your home. This is so we can safely account for residents. This temporary re-entry will give residents the opportunity to grab a few essentials, take pictures, and get what is needed.

For people re-entering or working in flood impacted areas please keep in mind:

  • Return to your house only when it is safe to do so.
  • Before you start cleaning, remember:
    • Flood waters can contain sewage and other harmful substances.
    • All surfaces touched by flood water should be considered contaminated.
  • Wear proper protective equipment while you clean up: eye protection, long-sleeved shirt, protective gloves, long pants, and boots or work shoes.
  • Protect open wounds from flood waters to prevent infections.
  • Consider receiving a tetanus shot if your current vaccination is not up to date.