NSC Penrose Water Update Boil Order Notice
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Temporary Drinking Water Update & Boil Order Notice

The City of North Sioux City provided temporary water to homes shown within the bounded limits of this exhibit in the link above on June 30th.

After water service is restored, the drinking water will be sampled and tested by City personnel. As a precautionary measure, water for cooking and drinking should be brought to a rolling boil for three minutes before being used from the time of restored service through Monday, July 8th.

 This boil order can be terminated, and the water should be safe for drinking by today at 5pm. 

Please limit water usage as much as possible and turn off all sprinkler systems as pressures and capacity will be limited. Please call Ross Kuchta with Stockwell Engineers at 605-310-2533 if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation.