FrontDesk is no longer accessible. We are introducing Our New Utility Billing Customer Service Portal
North Sioux City is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Utility customer service portal! Using our new portal, you can:
•Make one-time current or schedule future dated payments
•Schedule your own recurring payment with Auto Pay
•Enroll for paperless billing
•View transaction and consumption history
•View your most recent bill
•And manage your communication preferences

Visit our customer service website here to get started today:

E-Billing Enrollment:
Stay on top of your water bill by enrolling for e-Billing! E-Billing allows you to receive your water bill by email each billing cycle. You can even opt-out of receiving a paper statement. Follow these steps to get your account enrolled for e-Billing:

•Log into or register for our new customer portal:
•Click on “Contact preferences” on the left side of the screen.
•Under the account address where it shows “Sign up for e-billing”, click the email button and then enter and confirm your email address.
•Click “Update.”

Once enrolled, make sure you add the recommended email addresses listed on the enrollment screen to your email contacts list. Auto Pay Enrollment:
With Auto Pay, you can schedule your own recurring payment each month you have a balance due and give yourself peace of mind that your bill will be paid if the funds are available. Follow these steps to schedule your own Auto Pay:
•Log into or register for our new customer portal:
•Click on “Enroll in auto pay” towards the top-center of the screen.
•Choose the day you want your payment to be scheduled for.
•Securely store your preferred payment method.
•Click “Enroll now”.

Once enrolled you will receive confirmation that your account has been enrolled for Auto Pay. It is still your responsibility to confirm your payment is made by the due date.