Flood Update as of 7-8-24

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*** Special Update ***

The City is continuing the process of transitioning the Donation/Volunteer mission from the Izaak Walton League to the Senior Center located at 301 Military Road.

Yesterday, Sunday, July 7, 2024, was the last day of services, including meals, from the Izaak Walton League. We can’t begin to thank Renae, her staff, and all the volunteers who put in tireless hours assisting with everyone’s needs from day one of this disaster.

The Senior Center will be open now through Sunday, July 14th from 8am-5pm. Additional information including volunteer/donation needs and how you can help will be shared on the City’s website and Facebook page.


In Progress

Incidents Objectives:

  1. Provide for the safety of personnel and public
  2. Continue infrastructure restoration
  3. Continue law enforcement control patrolling and create relief plan
  4. Assess donation and volunteer management
  5. Continue planning for debris management
  6. Provide timely and accurate information to the public/new media and other agencies providing help.
  7. Provide controlled access to Northshore Dr. and Penrose Dr. See City’s website for the Northshore Dr. and Penrose Dr. access plan (plan in place until further notice).
  8. Allow and monitor for safety residential shoring operations.
  9. Plan for additional resources (recovery).
  10. Transition donation/volunteer mission from Izaak Walton to Senior Center.

Structural Engineers Report:

Link:  2024 North Sioux City Flood Event Dashboard (arcgis.com)

  • This link is to be used for property owners on North Shore and Penrose for information from the engineer. This will include structural engineers’ notes as well as building inspector’s notes.




Access Points:

  • Resident Access: A restricted access order remains in effect for the impacted area with limited access to certain streets beginning June 30th. Access is restricted to protect the lives and safety of residents, first responders, and contractors constructing critical infrastructure in the area.
  • McCook Lake Access: McCook Lake remains closed per SD Game, Fish, and Park

Donations/Volunteer Management:  donations and volunteer opportunities are being transitioned from the Izaak Walton League to the North Sioux City Senior Center located at 301 Military Road. The Senior Center will be open today through Sunday, July 14th from 8am-5pm.


  • A temporary roadway along Northshore Dr. has now been constructed. This temporary road will be used only by contractors working to construct critical infrastructure in the area.
  • Construction on a temporary road to the north side of Penrose Dr. has begun. Anticipated completion is the end of day on July 8th.


  • Electric restored to the west area of McCook Lake in the Suncoast Dr. area, school buildings, and to homes which can take on power on Penrose Dr. and Westshore Dr.
  • Lights installed on Northshore Dr.
  • Homes which have been red tagged do not have service at this time.


  • Temporary gas (bottle services) to serve the west area of McCook Lake (Suncoast Dr.) area was completed on 6/30.
  • Gas infrastructure construction will follow the forcemain construction project on Northshore. Construction completion is expected in the coming days.

Water and Sewer:

  • Penrose: Water and sewer have been restored to several homes. A boil advisory remains in effect for this area through 5pm on July 8th.
  • Northshore Drive: Force main was laid on July 3rd. Preparations for the water main have now begun.



  • Police are having an issue with residents not following the check in and check out process. This is putting residents, first responders, and contractors at risk. Additional personnel have been added to secure Northshore Dr. and Penrose Dr. and protect lives and safety.
  • Police continue to prioritize safety and security. Enhanced efforts are being made to further patrol the entire community throughout the flood response.
  • Stockton Towing provided towing services to affected residents at no cost to them on July 4th.


  • No deaths and no known injuries. Safety continues to be the top priority.


FEMA updates: FEMA will be here the week of July 15th. Please ensure paperwork is filled out prior to July 12th, 2024! No exceptions. The library will be open July 8th-July12th from 10-4pm for those that need help. Click the link below for more information.

No inside photos are necessary if the house is red tagged.

Fema-Information.pdf (northsiouxcity-sd.gov)

Debris Management:  Dumping debris at the end of Penrose and at the school is free of charge. The Penrose dump site will be cleaned when the temporary road is constructed. The DV site will be cleaned shortly.

Tax-Relief: We are looking into the question of tax relief for those that have lost their home. No updates currently.

McCook Lake: We are awaiting feedback from the state/county on lake cleanup assistance and directive more information to come.

Notification system for floods, tornadoes etc: This is an option to sign up for while the city looks for another controllable option within:  Hyper-Reach: Community Signup for Union County SD

Hyper-Reach will bring the citizens of Union County immediate alert notifications via land line, cell phone, email, and TTY.

Hyper-Reach will automatically send alerts for the following types of hazards and weather conditions. 911 Telephone Outages, Administrative Messages, Blizzard Warnings, Child Abductions, Civil Danger and Emergency Warnings, Evacuation Warnings, Fire Danger Warnings, Flash Flood Warnings and Watches, Flood Warnings and Watches, Hazardous Material Warnings, High Wind Warnings, Ice Storm Warnings, Law Enforcement Warnings, Local Area Emergency Notifications, Radiological Hazard Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, Shelter in Place Warnings, Tornado Warnings and Watches, Wind Chill Warnings, and Winter Storm Warnings and Watches.

Hyper-Reach will be utilized by Union County Dispatch and also Union County Emergency Management to alert the citizens of Union County about emergency situations within Union County.

By signing up for Hyper-Reach you will receive alerts 24/7 365 days a year when community hazards are taking place.

Please follow the following link to sign up for Union County SD Hyper-Reach emergency and weather alerts.


This sign up page will allow you to choose the types of alerts you would like to receive and also signup for a Hyper-Reach account that you can control at anytime.

Just a friendly reminder if you do choose the voice only option Hyper-Reach will call your landline phone or cellular phone 24/7 365 days a year with a recorded announcement when a emergency alert takes place.

You can also download the Hyper-Reach Anywhere application to your cellular device that will allow you to receive Hyper-Reach alerts from Union County and any other location you may be using your cellular phone.

Android devices:


Apple IOS devices:



Other updates:

  • Controlled access for some residents on Penrose Dr. and Northshore Dr. continues. It is planned that several Penrose and Northshore residents will be allowed to live in their homes by the middle of week the week (week of July 8th).
  • Planning is taking place for a FEMA disaster recovery center location.
  • Two daily coordination calls are being held between the City, County, and State to keep communication lines open and work together to solve problems for the community.
  • All operations and mission are pending favorable weather.

Next update: A public update will be made and sent out via email and posted on the City of North Sioux City’s website and Facebook page on 7/9/2024 on/before 4:45pm.