Please see the following update which Mid American Energy sent to affected gas customers:

This is MidAmerican Energy calling to provide an update on your natural gas service at the address with the house number <pH_AddrNotes>. After working with local partners, MidAmerican has devised a plan to provide temporary gas service to customers in the area that have both electric and water service restored.

MidAmerican will install temporary infrastructure and bring in an external natural gas supply and is expecting to be ready to begin restoration by Sunday. Again, to be eligible for natural gas restoration, customers must first have water and electric service and not be utilizing natural gas-powered back-up generators. After those conditions are met, MidAmerican can restore your gas service and relight pilots as long as you don’t have any other structural property damage that would require an inspection.

While this temporary solution is in place, MidAmerican will be simultaneously working to install permanent natural gas systems to serve customers in the area. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to rebuild the gas system after extensive flooding damage.

If you are not able to take service at this time, we will be available when you are ready to do so.  Call us at 800-432-0586 to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.  Thank you.