Public Works

Utility Services

New Service or Termination

Application for requesting services must be submitted to the Utility Department at City Hall with your deposit and a copy of your drivers license. When moving within the City from one residence to another, you are still required to fill out a new application with a deposit and ID. Any time you move out, you need to submit a form to terminate your services. This form is required in order to stop usage calculation in your name. Account deposits are applied to outstanding balances and then refunds issued.

You may pick up forms between 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, or you may download forms by clicking a link located in the right sidebar.

Correct Contact Information on File

To update address, phone number or any other billing information regarding your account, please contact the Utility Department at City Hall @ 605-232-4276. This is an important part of maintaining your account with us. If there happens to be a problem, we need up-to-date information in order to contact you.

Utility Bill

Utility Payments are due on the 15th day of each month. Typically, bills are mailed out within the last ten days of the month and you are being only billed for the previous month’s usage.  The dates for your water usage are listed at the top of each month’s bill.

It is your responsibility to pay your bill, regardless if you receive your billing. If you didn’t receive your water bill, contact the Utility Department to find out your current balance and due date.

Shut-off day is on the 26th of each month.

Electricity & Natural Gas

Mid-American Energy

Preparing Your Pipes for Winter

Here are a few tips in the article Winterize Your Home, from the SD Assoc. of Rural Water Systems’ publication, to prepare your home for winter.

Garbage and Recycling Pickup

North Sioux City coordinates the weekly collection of our solid waste, better known as garbage or trash. Receptacles need to be placed at the curb with nothing obstructing the ability to reach your container. Two 90-gallon carts are included at the base garbage rate. You may request additional cart(s) at $5 each, per month. Two Recycling containers are available at no additional charge. If you find you have more recyclables then can fit in your container, contact the city office to request an additional container.

Garbage that can be placed in carts are household garbage, grass cuttings and leaves. Grass or leaves need to be bagged and placed in garbage container. Tree limbs will be accepted if smaller than 4′ in length, placed inside the garbage container and the lid is able to close. Your garbage container will not be dumped if it contains ashes, dirt, cement, building supplies, appliances or tires. Items left beside your cart will not be picked up.

Garbage and recycling are picked up the same day each week, (but at different times during the day. Carts need to be put out the night before the day of pick up. Pick up days are:

Garbage Pick Up – Fridays 


For any changes to your services, please contact City Hall @ 605-232-4276.

How to Recycle flyer as provided by Gill Hauling


The City of North Sioux provides a dumpster with the sole purpose for City residents to dispose of large/bulk items, tires, etc. Appliances and trees are not accepted. The dumpster is located at the Public Work’s shop at 300 Parkside. Dumpster drop-off is available two days a week, depending time of year. There is a fee depending on load size.

Dumpster fees need to be paid within TEN DAYS at City Hall or there will be a $5 PROCESSING FEE and the amount will be added to the next month’s utility bill.

November-February: Saturday’s from 7:30 am to 1 pm (closed on holiday weekends)
March-October: Thursday’s & Saturday’s from 7:30 am to 1 pm (closed holidays and holiday weekends)

Load Prices

Small – $12.00
Medium – $20.00
Large – $30.00
Tires – $3.00 each

For other dumping locations, refer to the Alternative Waste Disposal Options flyer.