To Residents of North Sioux City:

This post is to inform you of the possibility of flooding in the area from the Big Sioux River.

Due to the inundation of water to the North of North Sioux City there is a possibility of flooding on the Big Sioux River that should affect the rural areas. At this time the National Weather Service is predicting the Big Sioux River will crest on Monday, June 25th at approximately 9:00PM.  The peak of the river is currently predicted to be at 34.9 feet, below to peak level of the 2014 flood event of 37.7 feet.  We believe, at this time, the water to be much lower than previously indicated.

The City of North Sioux City has been in communication with Union County Emergency Management, South Dakota Emergency Management, South Dakota flood modeling officials, and other local agencies to ensure we are prepared for the possibility of flooding.

The City expects to close the flood gates at some point during the next 36 hours. This will cause us to have to pump any rain water out and over the levee.  Those residents who live East of the interstate should understand they should turn on their sump pumps and ensure sump pump hoses are cleared.  In the event of a heavy rainfall there may be water standing on the streets for short periods of time if the pumps are not able to keep up.  We will make every effort to make sure the water clears quickly.  There will be 6 pumps running to clear water in the event of a rainfall.

DO NOT walk on, bike on, or use motorized vehicles on the levee at this time.  Waters could rise quickly and they will be dangerous.

For information on the water levels please visit the National Weather Service website at