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City Offers Online Payments with PSN

In May 2014, the City made it available for residents and customers to make online payments. The vendor will process your payment, for a nominal fee. We can take electronic forms of payment for utility payments, water deposits, building permits, licenses, dumpster fees, etc.

The City contracted with Payment Service Network, Inc. (PSN) to offer customers the ability to make online payments using debit, credit card and eCheck payments. PSN provides you the options to call, use your smart phone app or the internet.

Water and Sewer Services - Rate Information

There is a minimum base charge for water and sewer.  The base water and sewer charges are determined by the meter size. Turning the water valve off inside the property does NOT alleviate base charges.

Water Rate

Residential (in city limits) meters usually measure 5/8” which has a water base rate of $18.00.  This is calculated as long as the water usage is between 0-3,000 gallons.  Any water used over 3,000 will be charged $3.00 per 1,000 gallons.

Sewer Rate

The residential sewer rate is determined by your water usage.  The minimum sewer rate is $26.78 and over 3,000 gallons used is charged at $3.76/1,000 gallons. The rate is calculated from the water usage in January, February and March (typically the lowest water usage months) and becomes a set monthly amount for the next year.  The newly calculated rate will appear on your April bill, and continue until the following March. 

Commercial sewer is charged each month according to water usage.

Residential Examples

Average Monthly Bill (1 person with a 5/8” meter):

Water 3,000 gal 18.00
Sewer 1,500 gal (average) 26.78
Garbage w/ tax  2 carts 13.47
  Minimum Monthly Bill $58.25

Questions regarding Utility Bills can be directed to Jenny Roupe at 605-232-4276.

Potential Water Overages

It doesn't take much to make your water usage increase. Typical household items, such as water heaters, toilets and water softeners, can malfunction causing you to use more water then you normally do. Plumbers have called those "silent leaks" as you may not hear running water.

South Dakota Rural Water published an article on locating potential leaks in the Quality on Tap magazine. We share it with you as a valuable tool in leak detection. View the magazine article, Oct 2013 issue.

Problems or Concerns

If you are having problems with your sewer system or have a sewer smell in your home or business, please contact Public Works at 605-232-9165. Often times, we can talk with you over the phone and help you determine the source and how to fix a problem.

South Dakota Rural Water published in this month's Quality on Tap magazine an article talking about sewer gas and its origin. Take a look at the magazine, Nov 2013 issue.

If you are having any problems with the quality of water at your home or business, such as rusty water or low water pressure, please call 605-232-9165.

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